LED Lighting

Lighting every dwelling, and industrial and commercial premises efficiently

We at LJ Electrical of Loughborough are able to install LED lighting in your home, office, factory or shop unit. LED Lighting is ideal for decorative purposes and also for general use. As well as being energy efficient, LEDs offer scope for more creative lighting systems. For instance, narrow strips; also for lighting stairwells; also as an alternative to low-energy fluorescent lighting in the house.

Nowadays, LED lighting can be seen outdoors as well as indoors. Vehicle lights use LEDs instead of light bulbs. Sodium street lights are being replaced by LED lighting, in a bid to cut costs and improve energy efficiency.

LED lighting

In the last two decades, energy efficient lighting has gone from being science fiction to an absolute must. Firstly, there were energy efficient light bulbs. These have supplanted conventional light bulbs in nearly all public and private premises. Making the transition from the novelty to the mainstream is LED lighting.

Where LED lighting comes into its own



In the home

For decorative and functional purposes, LED lighting cuts the cost of your energy bills. Not only with conventional light bulbs, but also their low-energy bulbs replacements. Their flexibility makes them an ideal choice for embellishing kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms – as well as general lighting installations.


On commercial premises

For reception areas, shop units, hotels, and office environments, they help to create a welcoming environment for colleagues and customers alike. They can form part of advertising displays as well as offer an inviting alternative to fluorescent tubes.


On industrial premises

Indoors and outdoors, LED lighting is the smart choice for industrial premises. With energy costs a critical factor of your profitability, they provide an alternative to fluorescent tubes and standard low-energy light bulbs. They are also suitable for illuminating forecourts and outdoor signage. This has been picked up by local authorities who are replacing conventional sodium lights with LED lighting systems.

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