What are the Benefits of LED Lighting Installation?

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LED lighting has significantly improved over the years, becoming a longer lasting and more eco-friendly option to illuminate any space. The invention of the incandescent bulb was a modern marvel, yet it still had its limitations. LED lighting has fast become the go-to luminary option that not only provides all the benefits of its predecessor but has also made all traditional bulb limitations a thing of the past. But how is this the case? Read on to find out more.

The design and advancement in technology have provided an improvement of lifespan by 1000s of hours. In incandescent bulbs, the filament design that produces brightness will weaken over time, eventually burning out, amongst other things. LED doesn’t work the same, they are measured by the lumen output which eventually decreases, this takes a lot longer to depreciate, offering a much longer lifespan.

Lower heat production means energy efficiency. Heat is an important part of the workings of an incandescent bulb. However, producing heat requires the consumption of more energy. The high lumen output on LEDs means that the majority (around 70%) of the energy consumed is turned into light. This low heat production also makes them a safer option, as they absorb any heat production because of their heat sink technology.

They are incredibly reliable and are a fast light source. Because of their design, they are robust for they do not contain delicate parts. Able to withstand changing temperatures, this makes them an all-rounder, safer option great for indoor LED lighting and outdoor LED lighting. Unlike other options, they offer instant bright luminance, so you no longer need to wait for them to reach optimal brightness.

If you are looking for an illumination that offers a range of colours that will not fade over time, they are the ideal choice. Unlike their predecessors, the use of gels and filters is no longer required. It is the actual colour of the diode that is changed to emit the preferred colour. Previous colour changing methods can fade over time, whereas with LED lights, this doesn’t happen, maintaining its hue throughout the bulb lifespan.

The design of LEDs means they emit their luminance in one direction rather than all around. This directional nature of their output makes them ideal for applications such as outdoor signage and recessed downlights. Because of the fast-moving improvements to the technology, there is now a range of different ones available. The design options now include candle styles, spotlights, tube, reflector and GLS. The new designs also include traditional fittings that you would expect, including bayonet and screw, so you can easily switch over.

At LJ Electrical, we have a team of highly skilled LED lighting installers able to install a range of options in your home, office, factory, or shop unit. LED is ideal for several purposes, such as decorative purposes in commercial LED lighting installation, as well as for general use. If you would like to find out more about this service, contact us and our friendly team will be happy to assist.

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