Three types of premises LED lighting installation can benefit

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LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular ever since halogen light bulbs started to be phased out in countries across the EU. Here at LJ Electrical, we know all about LED lighting as electrical specialists in Loughborough. We also offer LED lighting installation in the LE12 postcode area of Leicestershire which covers Quorn, Hathern or Shepshed.

LED lighting is ideal for tons of scenarios, from home use to commercial and industrial purposes. But how can it be of benefit in each environment? Here’s an outline of how LED lighting could help you if you’re considering LED lighting installation:


Firstly, LED lighting lends itself extremely well to a variety of purposes around the home. These range from decorating your house around Christmas time to more functional purposes such as lighting rooms. This type of lighting is very flexible, making it ideal for fitting in busy rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Aside from cutting the cost of your energy bills compared to conventional light bulbs, LED lights also offer scope for you to be more creative with your lighting. For example, LED lighting installation can be used to create narrow lighting strips, brighten stairwells or replace fluorescent lighting. The fact that LED lighting has all of these uses makes it well worth your consideration.

Commercial premises

Pretty much every commercial property can benefit from LED lighting installation, whether it’s a reception area in a hotel, a shop or an office environment. LED lights can not only be used to create eye-catching advertising or information displays. They can also provide a great alternative to fluorescent lighting, which can come across as garish.

Industrial premises

Finally, LED lighting installation can be extremely helpful on industrial premises, whether placed indoors or outdoors. Again, LED lights offer a cheaper alternative to fluorescent tubes, as well as standard low-energy light bulbs – ideal for anyone looking to lower energy costs.

The brightness of LED lights make them fantastic for lighting up forecourts and using in outdoor signage. That’s why a growing number of local authorities are starting to use them for streetlights and vehicle lights, in favour of conventional light bulbs and sodium lighting. Overall, LED lights offer a great balance between cost and efficiency that industries love.

Contact us today: your expert LED lighting installers!

Now you know how useful LED lighting can be, why not get some lights installed yourself? Here at LJ Electrical we aim to be some of the foremost experts in installing LED lighting in Loughborough.

Whether you need office LED lighting installers or commercial LED lighting installation, we can help you. Our team of knowledgeable LED lighting installers can install LED lighting anywhere you need, be it in your home, office, factory, or shop unit.

If this interests you, please get in touch with us today and we can offer you a free consultation to discuss your needs. We can promise you that you’re unlikely to find a better LED lighting installation company in Loughborough!

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