The Most Common Issues with LED Lighting and How You Can Fix Them

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LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours and offer other amazing benefits, making them a good choice of lighting for your home or business space. However, nothing is perfect, and LED lights are no exception.

Many users of LED lighting have encountered issues from time to time. The good news is that there are ways to fix them.

Here’s a look at the common problems with LED and ways to get them done:

  1. Disturbing Brightness

Most people like their lights bright, but it could be discomforting if it’s too bright. Too much brightness from LED lights can be caused by having a Kelvin temperature bulb that can irritate the eyes or get more watts you require.

You can resolve this by installing a fixture to block the additional light. You can also purchase a dimmable bulb and establish controls to manage your lights better. Ensure that the item has a lower Kelvin temperature or is designed for a warmer scale for eye protection.

  1. Not Complying with the Needed Voltage or Current for Your LED Lights

The lumen output is one of the most important considerations when using LED fixtures. You need to convert watts into lumens to get the correct lumen rating.

It’s a must to follow the required LED voltage or current. That’s because any changes in the current prevent the fixtures from functioning well. You won’t enjoy the best brightness if your LCD receives a lower current than what it needs. If your current or voltage is too high, it can damage or burn the sensitive parts of your LED lights instantly and break them.

To prevent this, you must check the manufacturer’s rating on your LED lighting to know the product that will work with the electrical system you have. Another option is to customize your electrical system to work with your LED lights.

  1. Buzzing Noise

Buzzing noise from LED lights is bothersome. This is a sign that there is an overload in your circuit. You have to check the circuits and lights to prevent making the problem worse when you notice this. Detaching some of the lights can help you do a quick check.

  1. LED Lights Burning Out Fast

LED lights that are cheap and have poor quality and no warranties are susceptible to burning out. The solution for this is simple – you need to replace these low-quality lights with high-quality ones.

You also have to purchase LED lights from known brands since they offer a warranty. When you have a product warranty, you have a protected purchase. You can easily reach out to the manufacturer for any issue and have it resolved.

  1. Too Dim LED Lights

Like LED lights that are too bright, LED lights that are too dim are also problematic. What causes this is either the lights are used a lot, or they are low-quality.

Though LED lights last for a long time, they don’t work forever. So, you can’t expect them to have the same brightness permanently. The only solution for this is to buy an LED light replacement.


Now that you know the common problems with LED lights and how to fix them, keep in mind the tips mentioned on how to resolve them. You never know when they can come in handy.

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