Should I Get LED Lighting?

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Indoor LED Lighting

LJ Electrical are local market leaders when it comes to supplying and installing LED lighting for a vast range of applications.  So, in an article about whether our customers should choose LED equipment for their homes and workplaces, what do you think we’re going to say?  Yes, of course we think LED lights are a great idea for many different needs.  But we won’t bang on about how the efficiency of LEDs can last longer, or save you money, or save the planet – you already know all that, and we trust you to make the right decision.

Instead, let’s explore some of the other advantages of LED lighting systems, ones which you will actually see working and get to enjoy on a day-to-day basis.  Remember when televisions only had a handful of channels, and you had to watch programs at a certain time or you missed them?  Then streaming came along, and now your entertainment revolves around you, rather than the other way round.  LED lighting systems are doing the same for the atmosphere within your home or other property.

Commercial LED Lighting Installation

It’s no secret that LEDs can produce a wide range of coloured effects, but how useful is that, really?  Well, more than you might think.  Sure, not everyone wants to turn their lounge into a nightclub with spectacular effects, but a good LED lighting installation company will be able to point you toward some of the more subtle benefits of this technology.  For example, on a dull winter’s day, turning on bright white lights in your kitchen will allow you to go about household tasks uninterrupted.  But those light might prove too stark when you want to relax in the evening.  Adjusting the colour slightly can make all the difference to the mood of the room.  Meanwhile, indoor LED lighting features such as uplighters and edging strips can be tweaked to match the tone of your décor for a thoroughly modern look.

LEDs are also more robust than the equivalent incandescent bulbs, and can therefore be used in more challenging environments.  Outdoor LED lighting works great as a security light, but can also be put to decorative use, illuminating patios, garden features, fountains and ponds in a range of colours.  Ask our LED lighting installers to find out more about the latest garden lighting products.

But probably the most exciting aspect of LED lights in a domestic setting is how they are ideally suited to smart homes.  The level of control your smart interface can give you over your LED lighting installation is breathtaking.  And now that shops and business premises are beginning to make use of similar systems, it won’t be long before each commercial LED lighting installation will be able to be operated by voice command, too.  Imagine creating epic window displays with hidden light sources which will last all season without maintenance, or being able to change the accent lighting in your showroom to a client’s favourite colour at the touch of a button!  Meanwhile, our office LED lighting installers can make your backroom as comfortable as your lounge at home.

There are even more reasons we think LED lights are great, but we have no more room to list them here – contact us to learn more!

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