Reasons Why Your Socket May Not Be Working

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With most homes having an abundance of electrical sockets, something we take for granted is that when we plug an electrical good in, it will work. Often, when we don’t experience the instant sign that we have power, our probable first thought is to check the plug. However, it is not uncommon for the outlet to be faulty. Here at LJ Electrical, we specialise in providing high-quality electrical services to domestic, commercial and industrial customers and clients. Along with our passion for delivering excellent customer satisfaction, we also like to keep our customers informed. If you’ve checked an electrical outlet with numerous working electrical goods and there is still no sign of life – you may have a problem. When a socket is not working, here are some likely reasons to consider.

There are several reasons you may have a powerless or damaged socket. Here are a few:


Using any form of extension plug can overload the socket, causing it to burn out. When you use an extension cord if you notice any heating up of the area, this is a sign that the outlet is overloaded and at risk of damage.

Faulty Wires

Sometimes the wires or the connections are loose or damaged. There are many reasons this could happen. We recommend you have an electrician check and repair the problem to restore power.

Circuit Break

Sometimes plugging in a faulty electrical good can trigger a circuit break. This is probably something everyone should check before considering the outlet to be damaged. It will simply take flipping the switch back to ‘on’ in your circuit box to restore power.

Blown Fuse

If you are a property owner that has a fuse box, an overload of power can blow the fuse. Sometimes it is not obvious that the fuse has blown. However, have a look for signs of damage to the fuse. You can replace the fuse easily to restore power.


A defective electrical outlet could come about for a multitude of reasons. Here, it will need to be replaced. If you are familiar with electrics, it is a simple replacement job. However, any work that involves electricity is dangerous and we recommend those who are unsure to seek a licenced electrician.

If you experience any of the above, you can contact our team for expert support. We offer 24-hour emergency call outs, 7 days a week and no-obligation quotes, and can have one of our trained electricians resolve any electrical issues at the most suitable time for you.

To find out more about our electrical work, including our socket repair services, please contact us. You can also stay up to date with the latest technical information through our blog.

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