Protect Your Pets From Electrical Hazards

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Electrical Safety For Pets

Here at LJ Electrical, we specialise in providing electrical maintenance services for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Today we’re going to focus on a feature of many domestic settings, which may also be relevant to some businesses. With electronic equipment increasing in our homes as the technology sector grows, people may wonder how is best to keep your pet safe from electrical hazards. So, today we’re going to look at some tips for animal electronic equipment safety so you can best protect your pets from any potential safety hazards.

Where is Your Pet? 

Although you may not think it’s always necessary to know where your pets are and what they’re up to, it’s worth paying attention to at certain times in particular. For example, if your pet is sleeping, they may be tempted to curl up near electronic equipment as they emit heat. However, if you make sure their bed or basket is near warm areas such as a radiator or a sunlit window, they should be dissuaded from doing this. You can also use a stand to angle an unused laptop to discourage cat naps on top of them.

Where are Your Cables?

One major concern with pets and electrical hazards are power cables. Any electrical cords can be a risk for pets who like to play or even chew them. Not only can this be damaging for the functioning of your electrical goods, but it can be a hazard to our pets, potentially leading to shocks, burns, or electrocution. Tuck your power cables away so that they are out of sight. When it’s difficult to completely hide cables, you can pet-proof them b using plastic tubing or piping. Make sure your cables aren’t messy by organising wires so that they are not left hanging around.

Pet Electrical Hazards

Where is Your Equipment? 

If any electrical appliances are on, they shouldn’t be left unattended, even if you are not actively using them. Although it’s easy to forget to turn off lamps and heaters, if connected to the power source, this can pose a threat to animals in the home, especially if you leave the house. Take the extra time to turn them off to be extra-safe and save yourself some money on powering appliances unnecessarily. Portable heaters and oil heaters are particularly worth paying attention too, as these can be easily knocked, potentially causing burns, or even house fires. Furthermore, gadgets such as hair straighteners and curling irons that take time to cool down can pose a risk as it’s impossible for your pet to tell they are still burning hot without coming into contact with them. Additionally, investing in a hob cover for your kitchen can help to protect your pet’s paws when roaming the perimeters of your home.

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