Our Top Tips to Keeping Warm this Winter

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As the colder weather sets in and the festive season begins, the need to keep oneself and family members warm becomes a priority. It’s easy to forget the importance of electricity checks with the busyness that comes with putting up decorations and gift purchases. Yet, it is important to factor in electrical safety in winter with the pressure that this time of year places on the electrical systems within your home and commercial property.

Using electric blankets, festive lights and additional portable heaters contribute to the higher demand for electricity and gas during this time of year. We would like to share our tips on how to keep warm in winter, to ensure you have a safe and consistent supply.

Our first and most important tip is to get ahead and book an electrician to perform checks early. These services are in high demand this time of year, with electricians predominantly being booked up or called on for emergency help. Power cuts caused by bad wintry weather and fires are common in December, and the last thing you want is to find out you have faults that could have been fixed at a more convenient time. For health and safety reasons, the importance of ensuring electrical maintenance over winter should be a vital inclusion on your annual to-do list.

Christmas time can be a risky time with the increased use of electricity within domestic and commercial spaces. Christmas electrical safety does not have to be difficult; we can offer simple, fail-safe advice to get through the festive season safely. Our next tip is to check all your electrical goods, including Christmas lights and electric blankets, for wear and tear. These items are stored away for extensive periods of time and it is important to make sure they are up for the job during the colder months. These checks should also extend to sockets, plugs, switches and wiring. Any faults that are visible will only worsen putting yourself and others in potential danger. Businesses should have a regular commercial electrician that will prioritise checks for wintertime as part of their regular service. With all this prioritised and in place, it may prevent emergency situations, helping everyone enjoy a stress-free winter and festive season. Finally, switching off all appliances, including Christmas lights, can make a tremendous difference in maintaining safety.

At LJ Electrical, we offer domestic and commercial electrician services, including checks for colder weather. As an established 24-hour emergency electrician, winter is already our busiest period. If you do not want to put additional pressure on your emergency electricians, you can call us or fill out our online contact form now for an inspection.

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