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Printed solar panels could offer a cheaper way to add solar panels to your home or workplace

Printed solar panels post image by Diyana Dimitrova (via Shutterstock).

Printed solar panels post. Image by Diyana Dimitrova (via Shutterstock).

Solar panels have had a fair take up in the last five years. On these shores, its take up has slowed down a little, possibly due to cuts in the feed-in tariffs. Another issue some people have had is the weight and thickness of the panels. Over in the University of Newcastle, Australia, Professor Paul Dastoor and his team of researchers might have the answer. Printed solar panels.

How, might you ask is this possible? This is due to a special kind of ink printed on translucent paper. 100 square metres of the printed solar panels were added with velcro strips. In their study, Professor Paul Dastoor said on the CleanTechnica website:

“This installation brings us closer than we have ever been to making this technology a reality. It will help to determine the lifespan of the material and provide half-hourly feedback on the performance of the system.

“There are just three demonstration sites at this scale that we know of anywhere in the world, so Australia has joined quite an elite group of global leaders poised to make this technology a commercial reality.”

Once fully realised and in large scale production, printed solar panels could be within reach of most households. From the owner-occupier of a Derby semi-detached home, to the tenant of an apartment in Leicester. They could be a boon for public buildings – even bus shelters in Nottingham.

Professor Paul Dastoor could be onto a winner and improve the affordability of solar panels. This is no bad thing for our industry which could do with a little boost.

LJ Electrical of Loughborough, 19 May 2017.

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