Why Go for Home CCTV?

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A look at how home-based CCTV can improve the security of your home

Home CCTV system by Phonlamai Photo.

Discreet: today’s home CCTV systems don’t have to look too much like… CCTV systems. Image by Phonlamai Photo (via Shutterstock).

“Crime can’t crack itself” is more than a quote from the John Henshaw sitcom, Early Doors. This could be true in relation to home security systems. With fewer police officers on the beat and less funds for our local police forces, this has meant a rise in popularity for home security systems. Not only burglar alarms and smart locking systems. Also home-based CCTV systems.

Today’s systems have moved from previous technology, which meant hoarding several VHS video tapes and ugly cameras. CCTV cameras can be discreet devices, more like golf balls. Sometimes there’s no need to go to a specialist shop for them nowadays; a trip to Currys or Argos may satisfy your needs. Whether you go to a specialist retailer or one of the chain stores, you wonder who’s going to install the thing.

Help is at hand. As well as offering solar panels and other first class electrical services in Leicestershire, LJ Electricals of Loughborough can install closed-circuit television cameras. As well as commercial and industrial CCTV systems, we can do the same for your home. You can choose from a selection of systems we recommend and let us do the rest, or let us install your newly purchased system.

We not only do the legwork, we also do the brainwork as well. In the cranium-based department, we can plan a system that best suits your home’s specific needs. For example: garages, front and rear doors, and driveways. If you plump for an internet-based system, we shall install the necessary software and mobile apps onto your devices.

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LJ Electricals of Loughborough, 10 October 2016

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