Emergency Lighting Legislation

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Emergency Lighting Compliant

When it comes to a commercial premises lighting, a lot more is required, besides the need for suitable lighting to promote your business and commercial products and services.  Emergency lighting is a legal requirement in all business premises and can help ensure a safe outcome for your staff and customers in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Lighting Legislation

An emergency exit light telling staff where to go in case of an emergency and how to leave the building in case of fire

As a lot of commercial premises operate during the day time, and indeed owners hope to go a lifetime of business without any serious life-threatening emergency occurring, your emergency lighting could easily go many years without any damage or power shortages being detected without the help of a qualified electrician to annually support you to meet up with current emergency lighting legislation.

Commercial premises lighting can help mark the safety measures laid out in your building such as exits and fire hydrants, assisting those caught in the emergency to escape the dangers.  When panic, or visual and physical obstructions are present, having a clearly identifiable means of providing aid and escape is vital.  We not only need to ensure that your lighting is therefore working by checking the light is provides, but we want to ensure that there are no other problems present that may cause it to cut out or short out during the emergency.  By legal standards, your emergency lighting should be capable of providing, at least, one lux light for a minimum of three whole hours.

Commercial Electrics Compliance

In order for a commercial property to be considered emergency lighting compliant, relevant certification must be produced by a qualified electrician capable of getting your building to meet the exact legal standards.  He must complete all of the relevant tests and checks.  These checks include a drill, that simulates an emergency situation and a loss of main power.  Apart from the commercial lighting safety checks carried out by our team, here at LJ Electrical, we can support you to carry out your own regular checks, and provide you with a log book, that keeps everything up to standard.

The consequences of not ensuring commercial electrics compliance, is not only a possible loss of life, and serious harm to others, but the subsequent shut down of your business, as well as financial fines, even if an emergency does not occur.  The safety of personnel should be a paramount concern to anyone who wishes to provide employment and services for others.

As LJ Electrical are a fully qualified and experienced electrician company, that not only fully recognised the serious nature of these checks, but has the needed training to carry out the tests to the level required, we recommend you organise a regular schedule for these to be carried out.  If you have a new commercial or industrial building, contact us to have your emergency commercial lighting systems installed correctly to meet with requirements.  Hotels, nightclubs, offices, industrial factories and warehouses, shops and restaurants, as well as other business premises, both large and small can rely on us to provide you with exactly what you particularly need to be both safe and legal.

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