Electrical Safety Guide for Winter

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Electrical Safety Over Winter

Winter in the UK is a time with its own unique treats and its own unique challenges.  Little could be more picturesque than a snow-blanketed village green, with robin’s footprints crisscrossing between the evergreen bushes and a Post Office van slowly making its way over the river bridge.  But behind the pastoral beauty is the reality of a season which can bring cold and moisture in equal measure, thereby wreaking havoc on householders who have not had the foresight to prepare for the conditions.

Winter places unparalleled strain on the systems which make up your home or commercial property, as well as on the infrastructure which keeps the country running.  The demand for electricity and gas are higher than at any other time, as residents seek to stave off the long cold nights.  And just as the providers of services such as gas and water recommend that property owners make specific preparations before the winter sets in, so it is with your electricity supply.  What can you do to achieve a safe and convenient supply of electricity this winter?

Our first tip is, start early!  If your property needs electrical maintenance over winter, it may take longer for them to get due you, due to the high demand on their services at this time of year.  Power cuts caused by bad weather and other unavoidable circumstances take up a lot of time for electricians, so make sure you’re ahead of the game.

Electrical Maintenance Over Winter

The next tip is to have additional sockets installed.  How will that help?  Many users use multi-socket extensions, and this habit can quickly get out of hand.  In the winter, when the properties of materials such as copper wiring can be altered by the cold, the system may not be able to support your appliances and your electrical safety over winter may be compromised.  Simply switching off as many appliances as possible when you go to bed can make a big difference too.

One of the most important measures to take before the cold arrives is to visually check all sockets, plugs, switches and wiring for wear and tear.  Any faults which are visible now will only get worse over the next few months.  These checks are especially important for businesses in order to protect their workforce.  If you have a regular commercial electrician winter checks should be part of the regular services they offer.  In fact, if you entrust the checks at any property to a qualified electrician, emergency situations may be prevented.

At LJ Electrical, we offer domestic and commercial electrician services, including winter checks, to our customers.  As an established 24 hour emergency electrician winter is already our busiest period.  If you don’t want to put additional pressure on your emergency electricians winter preparations should be high on your list of priorities.  Why not call us for an inspection, while there’s still time?

Take it from your electrician emergency winter breakdowns are no joke.  Contact us to find out how you can prepare while there’s time.

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