Electrical Safety Advice for Kids and Their Parents

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Electrical Safety For Families

What safety advice can a professional commercial and domestic electrician offer parents?

Electrical power can be a great ally, and we let it into our homes without questioning.  It is a clean, convenient and efficient form of energy which can provide light, heat, communications, entertainment, and all manner of other services which make life that much easier.

But electricity can also be a dangerous enemy.  We can’t see it, hear it, or smell it, but one touch can prove deadly.  Frighteningly, it only takes one faulty component or poorly executed bit of DIY to effect this transformation.  And sadly, it can often be youngsters, with their inquisitive natures and lack of experience, who are most at risk when things go wrong.  What steps can you take to keep children safe from electricity in your home?

Our first point of advice regarding electrical safety for parents concerns the preparations you may be making to welcome your little bundle of joy.  New parents want their child to have every comfort, including a protective and stimulating nursery.  But if building such a facility involves electrical DIY, you could be introducing hazards into your child’s life, rather than protecting them.  Safety standards for modern appliances and wiring work are very high, but as soon as a householder decides to perform their own electrical work, those standards are compromised.  To keep children safe from electrics it’s better to leave such maintenance to a professional, qualified electrician, that way you can sleep soundly knowing your youngster won’t be at risk from a threat you may have created.

Keep Children Safe From Electricity

It may seem obvious, but a lot of electrical safety advice for kids revolves around portable appliances.  These should be kept in good condition, and should not be left switched on or with their cables trailing.  One risk which may not be so obvious involves mobile ‘phone chargers – if they are left switched on while not connected, little ones may put them in their mouths.  Child safety at home often depends on looking out for such subtle hazards, and putting measures in place to prevent them from happening.

Obviously, children should never be left alone or unattended in the home.  But even if they are in the care of a babysitter, experts in electrical safety for families recommend not leaving such items as washing machines or driers running while you are out.  If the babysitter is a youngster or is unfamiliar with your appliances, they will not know what to do if something goes wrong.

Children frequently spill their food and drink during the first few years of their lives.  To promote electrical safety for kids, don’t feed them or allow them to take food and drink near electrical items or outlets.  Similarly, it is wise for mum and dad to take their own food and drink in safe places too.

The best electrical safety advice for parents is to have professionally installed RCDs on all power outlets.  Your local electrician can help you with this.

For further electrical safety advice, call on the experts at LJ Electrical of Loughborough.

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