Common Electrical Faults To Look Out For In Your Home

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Common Domestic Electrical FaultsYour safety is paramount when it comes to your household electrics. Damaged appliance, high bills and flickering lights can all be an indication of electrical issues on your home circuit. Here are some common electrical faults that you should look out for:

– Frequent Electrical Surges

Anything from bad electrical wiring in your house, faulty appliances, damage to power lines and lightning strikes can cause electrical surges. Although an actual surge lasts a microsecond only, frequent surges can end up damaging the electrical components that are connected to your home and significantly degrade their life expectancy.

If you are experiencing frequent electrical surges, the cause is most likely an electrical device that is connected to the wiring or home grid. Try removing cheaply made powerboards or devices from the outlet and see if it will prevent the surges. Otherwise, you should call a professional electrician.

– Sticking PowerPoint Switches

If the switches on powerpoints are hard to turn off and on or suddenly become sticky, it can be a sign that cabling behind the fixture or the fixture itself has been compromised and needs investigation. The device plus the cabling that is behind it may be smouldered due to overheating. That’s a serious fire risk, and it needs to be corrected immediately.

– Dips and Sags in Power

Just like electrical surges, dips and sags in the electrical supply can be caused by faulty devices connected to the power grid or devices made with substandard materials, which draw lots of power when you turn them on.

– Lights Are Too Dim or Bright

If some light around your home are excessively bright while others are dim, there are two probable causes:

• Bad main neutral connection – It will go on causing problems in your home until a professional comes to fix it.

• Different light types with different wattage – You should check if all your globes are identical.

– Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

High wattage items such as hairdryers and microwaves can trip circuit breakers, especially when you use other items that consume a lot of power on the same source. Circuit breakers are designed to protect people and their homes; when a circuit breaker drips, that is a sign it is doing its job perfectly. When it trips, check what you are using. If it’s a hair dryer, you should use the low setting. You can also limit the electrical usage on one circuit while using high watt devices.

– A tingling Sensation Whenever You Touch an Appliance or Tap

Sometimes the initial warning sign that your home has an electrical fault is a tingling sensation whenever you touch an appliance or tap. If this ever happens, do not touch anything else, you should call a professional electrician to investigate the cause.

This scenario occurs frequently and is dangerous. It could be as a result of factors outside of your control or knowledge, like changes to plumbing and piping or fatigued electrical cabling from your street.

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