5 Reasons to have CCTV installed at your Workplace

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The presence of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in the workplace might seem like a voyeuristic attempt to keep constant surveillance on the productivity of the employees. The all-seeing Big Brother eye watching your every move to catch you out at any moment can be an off-putting thought. Even as a business owner or employer, you want to build a sense of trust and the view of cameras everywhere may inhibit that. However, it is important to know that there are laws and regulations surrounding the use of this technology, meaning that they can only be implemented in strictly necessary areas. This means someone must carefully consider all CCTV installations, mapping out the most strategic placements without infringing on employee rights for privacy. To make a case for the benefits, let us explain the 5 reasons we should utilise CCTV within a workplace.

Preventing Crime

Despite the best efforts to ensure security at work, crime can still happen. Any business that handles cash is at risk of robbery. Also, many office environments house expensive technology that can be valuable to intruders. Not all crime comprises of theft, there are many other crimes that can take place in an environment full of many people entering and exiting. Not only does the visibility of a camera deter, but in the case of a crime taking place, there will be video evidence that can be gathered and used in a court of law.

Healthy and Safety

Not only will the presence of surveillance provide a sense of safety, but it also enables businesses and workplaces to maintain health and safety standards. When you can view things from a distance, it can be easier to pinpoint blind spots, as well as find potential hazards that may otherwise go unnoticed until it is too late.


Just like preventing crime, maintaining business interests is vitally important for a successful work environment and business. Using surveillance can promote better conduct and standards. When people know their work is being viewed, it will encourage them to proceed with the correct conduct that has been set out for them.

Assessment of Productivity

When a company needs to assess productivity, CCTV footage can be an asset. Particularly in large workplaces where it can be difficult for managers to get a full picture on the ground. However, it is not only about assessing interpersonal productivity but also logistical. The footage can help find weak points that can be improved and evaluate practices and procedures that may not be as efficient as once thought.

Keeping a Record

When the day to day is recorded, that provides better access to insurance. Insurance companies value hard evidence and will look favourably at an individual or organisation that can provide it. This means that you can get suitable insurance cover and decrease the risks to employees but also the overall business. As well as employees having access to footage for their own personal claims.

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